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Grodekov Nikolay Ivanovich

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Year of birth: 1843
Year of death: 1913

The Amur River region governor general, Turkestani governor general, a member of the State Council, a participant in campaigns in Central Asia. Military writer. An infantry general. He passed the path from ensign to lieutenant general for 27 years.

From 1898 to 1902 he was the Amur River region governor general, commander of the military district troops and an appointed hetman of the Far Eastern Cossack army.

During Grodekov's staying in the Territory, he made a lot for the Amur region development. Thanks to his efforts, the Department of the Russian Geographical Society in the Amur River region was established. The department was a kind of people's university.

The name of Grodekov is connected with the establishment of the first public library and museum in the Territory, a cadet corps, a real school, many schools were established and opened. He donated large personal finances for the museum arrangement, collected the richest collections of ethnography and history of the Territory, purchased books, paintings, ancient coins.

Grodekov carefully studied the history, economic and social situation and military potential of the countries neighboring with Russia. In 1903 Grodekov was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Khabarovsk. The local history museum of Khabarovsk was named after Grodekov from 1902 to 1922. In the year of a centenary celebration of the museum, in 1994, the name of N.I. Grodekov was returned.