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Museum of Priamursky branch of Russian geographic society

The building now accommodates: the Museum of Regional Studies n. a. N.I. Grodekov
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 11 Shevchenko Street
Date of construction: 1896, 1899
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991, Presidential Decree No. 176 dd. 20.02.1995
The museum was established in 1894 on the initiative of the Priamursky branch of Russian geographic society on the basis of the exhibits of the 10th Anniversary of Priamursky Territory Exhibition, originally located in a pharmacy warehouse (89 Dzerzhinsky st.). In 1894 there was made a decision to construct a special building for the museum. The project has developed by an engineer L.O. Tchaikovsky and designed by an engineer Colonel N.F. Alexandrov. In May 1896 the first collections were placed in the left wing of the building. The Director of the museum was V.K. Margarito. In August 1899 the construction of the second stage was finished, and on 17 July of the following year, the construction was fully completed. In 1900, the Museum participated in the World Exhibition in Paris, where it received a gold medal for its exhibits. In 1910-1919 and from October 1924 to December 1925 the museum's director was V.K. Arsenyev. In 1975, a park facade designed by an architect A. Cheskidov was added to three-storey extension. One of the first public buildings in the city was built in Eclectic style with elements of Classicism in the decoration of the front brickwork facades.