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Nicholas Library of Priamursky branch of Russian geographic society

The building now accommodates: Priamursky branch of Russian geographic society
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 9 Shevchenko Street
Date of construction: 1891, 1894-1895, 1936, 1956
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991
Originally in 1891 one-storey building (the middle part of the building) was built as a home for disabled veterans caring for unveiled in the same year monument to Count N.N. Muravyov-Amursky. In 1893, veterans were moved to the Almshouse, and a year later, the house on the Alexeyevskaya (Shevchenko) street has been given under a library of Priamursky branch of Russian geographic society created in 1894. To expand the library in 1894-1895 a high extension with a double-height hall was added to the building of lower relief. In the front brickwork the building received a decoration with complex plastic figures in Gothic and Art Nouveau motives. In 1936 there was attached the left wing and the second floor of the middle part. Plastered facades obtained stylistic features of the pre-war Neo-Classics. Until 1944 there was the public library. Later, the building was used by a variety of institutions apart the Geographical Society. In 1956, there were overbuilt two more floors. In 2003, after renovation with the decoration of facades, the building gained more expressive and holistic view.