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Residential house of S.Ya. Bogdanov

The building now accommodates: the Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk Territory
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 6 Shevchenko Street
Date of construction: 1897
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991
A merchant of the second guild and an honorary citizen of Khabarovsk S. Ya. Bogdanov purchased the city area on the street Alexeyevskaya (Shevchenko) in 1865, where in 1897 upon the project of Yu. Z. Kolmachevsky built a two-storey residential house with basement. A part of the building was occupied by the office of the Sergiev distilling partnership organized in 1906 by S. Ya. Bogdanov. From 27 January 1909 the house passed into the ownership of his four sons. In 1908-1916 the Administration of construction of the Eastern part of the Amur railway was located here. During the FER (Far Eastern Republic) in the basement there were arrest facilities of the local Gospolitohranа (State Political Security Service). The building was municipalized in 1922; his sons were given two wooden wings standing beside. The building was delivered to the county land administration then it was used for housing, on 9 August 1924 the Chamber of people's judges moved here, and soon the Prosecutor’s Office of the Far Eastern region. The building now accommodates the Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk Territory. In 1953, there were built the third floor, as a result of which an expressive silhouette of over-eaves board decor has been lost.
The building was constructed in Eclectic style with motifs of Russian architecture in rich decorative plastic facades in a combination of red and gray facing bricks.