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Commercial apartment building of I.S. Emery

The building now accommodates: the Secondary school No. 35
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 10 Shevchenko Street
Date of construction: 1897, 1935
Small Council decision No. 172 dd. 08.20.1993, District Council Decree No. 182 dd. 31.07.1997
A two-storey stone house was built at the expense of trading firm "Emery and K", the head of which was an American citizen Innokenty Semenovich Emery. The authors of the project and construction managers were civil engineers A.V. Pernitz and L.I. Tchaikovsky. The first floor was used for trading; the second one was rented for the offices. In 1913 the house was sold to I.I. Vasilyev, in 1915 it housed the Governor-General P.F. Unterberger Second City School consisted of 4 classes. After 1922 it was occupied by Ussuri railroad facilities, Gorkomhoz’s (City Communal Service) warehouses and housing accommodations. In 1928, the building housed the third senior school n. a. the October Revolution, which in 1936 received No. 35. In 1935, an extension was built to the northern end of the building as well as two floors were added, and in 1937 the original facades with decorative brickwork from facing bricks, were plastered.
From 1912 to 1916 a famous Arctic explorer, chevalier of many orders, doctor of science Georgy Alekseevich Ushakov had been studied here.