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Commercial Apartment Building of the Tantsyrevs

The building now accommodates: Trading House "Bottichelli"
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 3 Muraveva-Amurskogo Street, (left side of the building)
Date of construction: 1908
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991, Presidential Decree No. 176 dd. 20.02.1995
The two-story building with a basement in urban continuum of Muraveva-Amurskogo Street was built by Petr Petrovich and Varvara Martemyanovna Tantsyrev on their own plots acquired by them in 1888. On the second floor there was an apartment of the Tantsyrevs, while the ground floor facilities were rented by chemical and chandlery shop, ladies' head-dresses workshop, barbershop and tailor’s. In December 1922, the building was municipalized; in 1923 it was used as a central store of the Ussuri railway cooperative. In 1965, during the reconstruction for a shop "Fish", on the first floor there were punched the passages to the adjacent building, the facade was decorated with stained-glass glazing, and the balconies were cut. The building has lost much of its initial appearance. In 1996-1998 the street facades were restored to their original view. In 2005 the building was sold as private property. The building was designed in Eclectic style with decorative elements peculiar to Classicism, in facades masonry in combination of red brick and plastered details.