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Commercial Apartment Building of the Pyankovs

The building now accommodates: Trading House "Bottichelli"
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 3 Muraveva-Amurskogo Street (right side of the building)
Date of construction: 1900
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991, Presidential Decree No. 176 dd. 20.02.1995
At the beginning of the XX century the building on the corner of Muraveva-Amurskogo and Lisunovskaya (Komsomolskaya) streets, was known as the Pyankovs’ trading house. On the ground floor there were shops: grocery, wine and vodka, bookshop, "Zinger" shop selling the sewing machines. During the Civil War, in spring 1920 there was an Orgbureau RCP (b) and the editorial board of the newspaper "Communist". After municipalization in 1922 the first floor of the building was given to Daltorg management, joint-stock company "Book Publishing" and other establishments, the second floor was occupied by  the hotel "Washington" with the restaurant "International", and from the end of the 1920s by the Communal hotel № 2. In 1965, together with the adjacent building it was renovated for the fish store.  On the ground floor there were constructed show-windows resulting in a significant loss of its original architectural appearance. Between 1996 and 1998 the building was restored according to its original view. In 2005 it was sold as private property. The building was built in Eclectic style with motifs of Classicism in decorative masonry of facades in a combination of red and gray brick.