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House of social assembly

The building now accommodates: the theater for young spectators
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 10 Muravyova-Amurskogo Street
Date of construction: 1901
Khabarovsk Territory Executive Committee decision No. 171 dd. 18.07.1991, Presidential Decree No. 176 dd. 20.02.1995
The building was constructed in 1900-1901 with support of the famous Khabarovsk merchant and winemaker M P. Pyankov. After the completion of the building Pyankov transferred it for leasing to Khabarovsk social assembly. The author of the project was allegedly an Irkutsk architect V.A. Rassushin, brother of A.A. Rassushin – the first mayor of Khabarovsk and one of the initiators of creation of the social assembly and construction of a separate building for it. The layout of the building included a large hall with a stage, dressing rooms and several crush rooms. The interiors were decorated in the spirit of Classicism. There was a theater, a library and a restaurant. In 1923, the building was rebuilt under the I.V. Tomashevsky Municipal Theatre. During this period it was renovated and acquired the existing view. Since 1 January 1945 the theater of young spectators has been functioning in the building. In 2004, the facades and interiors were refurbished.
One of the most expressive buildings in their artistic look, it was built in Eclectic style with motifs of Classicism in decorative masonry of facades in a combination of red and gray brick.