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The Chancery of the Governor-General

The building now accommodates: offices and public catering facilities
Address: Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, 27 Muravyova-Amurskogo Street
Date of construction: 1895-1896
Resolution by the regional Duma No. 46 dd. 11.02.1998
The two-story building of the chancery was erected on the order of the Amur Governor-General S.M. Dukhovskoy in the 1895-1896. The basement housed a printing house of the newspaper "Priamurskie Vedomosti". Since April 1917, after the February Revolution, there was a Committee of public safety, in February 1918, Far Eastern Regional Committee of the Soviets was located here, and from mid-April 1918 Dalsovnarkom (Far Eastern Council of People's Commissars). From September 1918 to February 1920 the building was used as headquarters of the Ataman I.P. Kalmykov’s division. In 1920, there was first the Amur Regional People's Revolutionary Committee, then the Far East Telegraph Agency, an editorial office of the newspaper "Our word" and from April 1922 - the Regional Trade Union Council and other organizations. In 1931, under the project of an engineer N.A. Perevalov two floors were added and it was rebuilt into a residential house. In 2000 the facades of the building were renovated. The front masonry of the two lower floors was cleared from liming, having revealed the facades built in 1896 in a spirit of Classicism, and the late third floor was also decorated.