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The entire Khabarovsk Territory is located in the time zone of Vladivostok. The offset relative to UTC (World Coordinated Time) is +10: 00. Regarding Moscow time, the time zone has a constant offset of +7 hours.



Climate and weather forecast

The climatic conditions in the Khabarovsk Territory change when moving from north to south, depend also on proximity to the sea and on the shape and nature of the relief. The annual precipitation varies from 400-600 mm in the north and up to 600-800 mm on the plains and eastern slopes of the ridges. Up to 90% of precipitation in the south of the region falls from April to October, especially much of it in July and August.



The official language in the Khabarovsk Territory is Russian. Many residents of large cities understand English.




Only the Russian currency is used for payments in shops, hotels, restaurants, transport. Exchange of foreign currency to rubles is carried out in banks. Plastic cards of the world's leading payment systems are accepted in banks and some shops.




Tipping in Russia is not mandatory, but it is quite common in the service sector (restaurants, hotels, taxis).




Working hours

Government institutions and offices work, as a rule, from 09-00 to 18-00 hours, a lunch break from 13-00 to 14-00. Most stores are open from 09-00 to 20-00 hours, some food stores are open around the clock.




There is a right-hand traffic in Russia.




It is not recommended to use tap water for drinking and cooking. Bottled drinking and mineral water is sold in retail outlets.





The electric power network has a voltage of 220 V, a frequency of 50 Hz.




You can buy IP-telephony cards for city, long-distance and international calls in post-offices. To make a call to any city in Russia, dial the 8 - city code - the subscriber's number. For international connections: 8-10 - country code - city code - subscriber's number.






Rescue service -112, 01. Police - 02. Ambulance - 03. Emergency Gas Service -04.




Tourist Information and Assistance

Information service center

Address: 580000, Khabarovsk, Leningradskaya, 58 (on the territory of the railway station of Khabarovsk)

Tel. 8 (4212) 41-07-42, 38-33-88



Items prohibited for importation

There is a restriction on the import of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, the Russian currency, securities, precious metals and stones, mobile phones and a number of other items. For the export of cultural property purchased in the territory of the region, it is necessary to obtain a certificate for the right of their exportation to the Far Eastern Department of Rosokhrankultura (Khabarovsk, 34 Muravyeva-Amursky St., phone 32-65-37).