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Dear visitors of the portal!

Let me greet you on the official tourist portal of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of Khabarovsk krai!

Khabarovsk krai possesses unique touristic resources. Picturesque nature, rich historical and cultural heritage, developed infrastructure of our region provide wide possibilities for recreation and travelling.

As of today, tourism in the region is determined as a priority direction in the regional economy. It’s known that tourist industry is not only an important, but also a highly profitable branch of economy.

In spite of the geographical position and territorial closeness to Asian cultures of such countries as Japan, Korean Republic, People’s Republic of China, for the North-East Asia Khabarovsk krai is also like “a close Europe”, being interesting by its history, distinctive traditions, places of cultural interest,  architecture, culture of fellowship.

Special touristic attraction, which draws visitors from other regions and specifically from abroad, is the River Amur – one of the greatest rivers of the world and central point of interest of the region, in whose valley the largest number of natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions is located.

On our tourist portal we will inform about and present Khabarovsk krai as much multi-faceted as possible, by telling about its past and present. Information on tourist attractions of the region and guidelines of activities of the Department of Tourism could be found on the portal.

We are open to answer the questions of the portal visitors. Please, feel free to leave your questions in the section “Feedback”. Welcome to participate in filling in the portal; please, share your impressions from trips, interesting historical facts and descriptions of the points of interest. Welcome to be involved in our competitions and polling.

We hope you will find the information about Khabarovsk krai you are interested in when visiting our portal.

We are pleased to see you! Welcome to Khabarovsk krai!


Sincerely, vice-minister, director of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture of Khabarovsk krai

Selyukov Vitaly Evgenievich