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Songs about the krai

1. “Poi, Amur” (Sing, Amur)

Music by D.Golland, lyrics by Т. Gorbunova  
Performed by vocal group “Dalny Vostok” (Far East)

2. “Eto Vse – moy Dalniy Vostok” (This all is my Far East)
Music by Geviksman
Performed by V.Troshin

3. “Mi liubim pesni russkie” (We love songs that are Russian)
Music and lyrics by V.Solokhin
Performed by vocal ensemble “Zolotye kupola” (Golden domes)

4. “Shumi, Amur” (Make sound, Amur)
Music by V.Rumyantsev, lyrics by S.Feoktistov
Performed by Sonya Muratova

5. “S dnem rozhdenia, Khabarovsk” (Happy birthday Khabarovsk)
Music and lyrics by V. Sobolevsky
Performed by vocal ensemble “Ulybka” (Smile)

6. “Ya etot gorod vizhu vo sne” (I see this city it in my night dream)
Music and lyrics by M.Samarkina
Performed by M.Samarkina

7. “Pesni nashey sudby” (Songs of our destiny)
Music byА.Pakhmutova, lyrics by N.Dobronravov
Performed by Iosif Kobzon

8. “Zdravstvui, gorod” (Hello, city)
Music and lyrics by К. and М. Vyborov’s  
Performed by К. and М. Vyborov’s

9. “Privet, Amursk” (Hi, Amursk)
Music and lyrics by К. Vyborov
Performed by К. К. Vyborov

10. “Vdol’ Amura” (Along the Amur)
Lyrics by А.Fedotov, music by М.Zhuravlev 
Performed by М.Zhuravlev

11. “Khabarovskoe tango” (Khabarovsk tango)
Music by М.Levyant, lyrics L.Milanich 
Performed by N.Mogilin

12. “Khabarovskie ogni” (Khabarovsk lights)
Music by Y.Vladimirov, lyrics by G.Buravlev
Performed by ensemble “Rabochie rezervy” (Working reserves)

13. “Dom, gde mi zhivyom” (A house where we live)
Music and lyrics by I.Batrachenko  
Performed by Sonya Muratova

14. “Krai nadezhdi, lyubvi i mechty” (Krai of hope, love and dream)
Music and lyrics by N.Poshina 
Performed by S.Borisov

15. “Krai vospetiy v stikhakh” (Krai, anthemed in poems) 
Music by D.Golland
Performed by vocal group of the ensemble “Dalny Vostok” (Far East)

16. “Veryu v tebya, Khabarovskiy krai” (I believe in you, Khabarovsk krai)
Music and lyrics by V.Sobolevsky 
Performed by А.Korotkov

17. “Oda Khabarovskomu krayu” (Ode to Khabarovsk krai)
Music and lyrics by V. Kazantsev
Performed by V. Kazantsev