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Poems about the krai

“Nash krai” (Our krai)
Khabarovsk krai! It’s almost endless,
A living part of times that passed away,
Of that life tough, unhurried and eternal
Of great peoples and of small tribes.
People here are wise, kind and sedated.
Daredevil Cossack respected them for a reason.
His name is left in the ages incorrupt.
And now this krai is called after his name.
Salmon and Siberian sturgeon play in the Amur.
And woodland grape ripens in cleavages.
North and south add to each other here.
Khabarovsk krai is rich with miracles.
Here bears walk, musk deer glide,
Red deer and elk are calling for spring.
Noiselessly huge cats walk around
And keenly watch over this wonder-land.
Rhododendron plants grow in May on slopes,
Covering all hills with violet color.
And only here in secret corners
Spindle tree blooms purely and tenderly.
Everyone who’s been here even once,
Will never forget Mao-Chan Mountains,
Wonderful Amur, fascinating sunsets,
I’ve fallen in love with this free space for ever.
Khabarovsk krai
Sun is proudly rising above hills,
Having washed up by steep ocean wave.
Here is the source and beginning of new day.
We are the first to whom sunsets knock in the window.
A Cossack from Vologda reached here for a reason
He wanted to find here the lost paradise.
Proudly he inscribed himself in our history,
And gave name to you, our Khabarovsk krai.
Our immense krai, sometimes misunderstood
By those who know it only at a long-distance.
Indigenously Russian, it’s generous and close
For everyone who is called its landsman.
This land values working deeds,
Reliable shoulders and wisdom of hearts.
Will generously open its pantries
With tin, gold, copper and lead.
Will open wide forests, let the arms work,
Will open endless Amur open space,
For with dignity children and grandchildren would live
Of those who believed in our Far East.
“Na beregakh Amura” (On banks of the Amur)
I sent down roots into this land.
I live here and breathe in its ozone.
My sons like plants sprout
On green Amur banks.
Obviously it wasn’t in vane
When my countrymen loaded boats
To go through and see
All Amur chutes with their own eyes.
Settlements we built on slopes and heights,
To be seen from far away.
And when enemies would come like clouds,
They would be crashed in powder in hot fight.
Then they took off heavy chain-mail armor
And uprooted woods for peaceful farm fields.
On holiday resounded all surroundings
With songs of bold table-food.
They would merry wild countrywomen
And would teach them to love “a la russe”,
So that Tungus women would bear
Blue-eyed and robust sons for them.
Not just years – centuries fell into oblivion.
But the link of times is unbreakable.
My countryman is known to the entire world,
Having given name to Khabarovsk krai.
And I myself from northern outskirts,
Moved here for a reason,
And live at the river where the boats
Were repaired by countryman, bold Cossack, Khabarov.
“Chudesniy krai” (Miraculous krai)
Blue sky over the Amur.
Whisper of woods and clamor of birds flocks
I cannot help but delight with you,
Dear krai, far-eastern krai!
Everything here makes the heart rejoice,
By everything glances are attracted:
Autumn forest — ferial decorated,
Summer carpet of the wild grasses.
In spring – swollen dawns,
In winter  — endless snows.
All through the year wide as sea taiga
Splashes over the Amur.
Expanses and freedoms are here all around
With Russian legendary beauty:
whether it be a field – it’s an open country,
whether it be a forest – it’s primeval and deep,
whether it be a road – it’s measured by versts,
whether it be a sun – it only can be golden,
whether it be a rain, it’s torrential.
Light wind sways spider web,
Tender aroma wanders in the grasses.
Like at Levitan’s painting,
Slender birch trees stand.
Beloved krai, there is nothing wonderful like you,
One may walk over entire world.
We glorify you with our soulful song,
And strengthen with joyful work.
There were times you’d scare with wild scowling,
And expel by stuffiness from bituminous house.
But in reverse now around Priamurye
There are towns and settlements as many as mushrooms!
People here are good for doing any work,
And it has a purpose, just have a look —
The highest and greatest order
Is shining on your chest...
Dear krai, you are close, not far,
For anyone who is got used to you,
That’s why the sad good-bay cry
Of birds of passage is heard.
That’s why if other trains
Take us to other lands,
We would always love you only.
We would live with one hope –
To return here every time again.
“Krai moy liubimiy” (My beloved krai)
My beloved krai,— with foggy distances,
With noisy taiga, with swamp floating weed...
No matter how many various lands we’ve seen,
There is none more beautiful, tender and better than you
I’ve walked back and forth your secret paths,
I’ve seen sunrises over mountain heights,
Where in the gaps, hardly notable,
Rivers are born being the singing brooks.
Here I got used to the fiends of kolkhozes:
With sea of grain, with combine harvesters - the ships,
Have resisted the storms over noisy seas,
Have searched for ores behind endless woods.
Here I’ve heard the young men arguing,—
If there are bridges more famous in the world...
My beloved krai!
In joys or in sorrows—
You are tied to my heart
With invisible threads.
Although your hills get lost in the fogs,
Although you are far from the white-stone Moscow —
The closeness of hearts cannot be measured by versts:
Only by courage of glorious,
And flaming prowess!