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New travel programs on the region

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Pearl necklace of Khabarovsky Kray
Kray museum named after N. I. Grodekov, “Priamurskiy” Zoological Garden named after V.P. Sysoyev, Nanaian Sikachi-Alyan village, Sikachi-Alyan pet-roglyphs, “Volkonsky ”small-arms system, country house or agricultural farm, workshop dedicated to the painting of Russian wooden matryoshka, excursion to the food production factory in Khabarovsk (as chosen), “Suhoy” Komso-molsk-On-Amur Aircraft Production Association Museum named after Yu. A. Gagarin, Komsomolsky Museum of Local Lore, Nanaian “Verhnyaya Ekon” village, art workshop in Komsomolsk-On-Amur, the Trans-Siberian Railway, fishing (summer and winter) in the Amur River branches.
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Imperial Harbour - sea gates of Khabarovsky Kray
Type of tourism: cultural-educative tourism, ecologic tourism, the intended target audience: pupils from 13 years old and older, season: September-March, tour duration: 2 days/1 night, populated areas on the route: Vanino settlement, Sovetskaya Gavan city, Lososina settlement, Zavety Il’icha settlement, Vanino settlement
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The Far Eastern borders – Khabarovsk
Guided tour to the Khabarovsk Local Lore Museum named after N. I. Grodekov. It is the oldest museum in the Far East, the holdings of which amount to over 400 thousand exhibits. In the exhibition halls there are: the Far East fauna, the history and culture of the Amur River region peoples, the ex-ploration history of the Far East, the «Volochaevskaya battle» panorama. The «Volochaevskaya battle» panorama is the only one in the country, dedicated to the history of the Civil war; it has the national culture-historical significance along with the «Borodino battle» panorama in Moscow.
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Nikolaevsk – the first city on the Amur
City sightseeing guided tour with the main places of interest and the bus exits. The tourists will get acquainted with the history of the Far East development and during the tour will see the admiralty anchor (king anchor), the largest sea-bed anchor in Russia; the only stone temple throughout the north of Khaba-rovsky Kray – St. Nicholas Temple (2002); will walk through the city park, a memorial area of the city and will get acquainted with the local monuments, which tell about the historical events of different periods of time. And, of course, there will be time to admire the stunning views of the Amur during the Svidery visit (ski base “Start”).
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In the footsteps of the Tiger
The Far Eastern taiga is rich with its unique flora and fauna resources. Among the representatives of the fauna, the black bear and, of course, the Amur tiger listed in the Red Book occupy a special place.
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Maya River
Unlike its older sister, the calm and swampy Uda River, the Maya River is very fast and attractive for rafting. There are a lot of shivers and large dis-charges with standing waves in the upper reaches that add some adrenaline
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Shantar Islands
The route to Shantar Islands will give you a chance to appreciate wildlife wealth with its incredible vibes. The Shantar Archipelago and the shore of the Sea of Okhots is a paradise for fishermen and photographers – whales, killer whales, seals, bears and other inhabitants of these areas are not afraid of hu-mans.
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The Lost World
“The Lost World” route starts in one of the most beautiful and wild parts of the Far East among the rocks of the Dusse-Alin mountain range. Those who would like to see the most incredible beauties of Khabarovsky Kray and raft down a picturesque mountain river, will admire this route.
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Trophies of the Nimelen River
municipal district named after P. Osipenko of Khabarovsky Kray, P. Osipenko village, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
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Along the Amur River towards petroglyphs
Moving and arriving in Sarapulskoye village. Dormitory accommodation in the comfortable cottages with all modern conveniences. Dinner (Far Eastern cuisine), entertainment program, the workshop on making souvenirs “Sikachi-Alyan Petroglyph”. Russian baths.
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Khabarovsky Kray Underworld - cave Farewell (Proshchalnaya)
The “Farewell” (Proshchalnaya) cave is the largest cave in the Khabarovsky Kray. The cave is declared a monument of natural significance in Khabarovsk territory according to Government Resolution No. 23-pr of the Khabarovsky Kray dated March 28, 2005.
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Tiger house
For the first time this place was described by Arsenyev V.K. in his book “Through taiga” who learnt about this place from the conversation with the Udegei man.
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“Crow Stones”Rocky Park
Climbing the highest hill in Khabarovsk, mount Bolshoy Khekhtsir (950 m above sea level)
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Fishing rafting in the Anyuy National Park
Start of the trip (recreation, fishing, seeing yew relict trees, observation of the game trails). Rafting, fishing on the Anyuy River. Arrival at the “Nilo” recrea-tional center (30 km from Arsenyeva village up the river). Baths. Fisherman’s dinner.
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The Far Eastern borders – Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur
Khabarovsk sightseeing tour. Acquaintance with Khabarovsk - the promenade named after G. I. Nevelsky, land side area, Lenin Square, Komsomolskaya Square, Glory Square, Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral, City ponds, complex Platinum arena, the bridge over the Amur river.
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Ethnic Khabarovsk
City sightseeing tour, Khabarovsk Local History Museum visit with master-class. A walk along the promenade with the Cliff visit. A walk through the city ponds, taking pictures with fantastic heroes. Orthodox churches visit.
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Military Khabarovsk
City sightseeing tour with the Khabarovsk Military-Historical Museum and the memorial complex “Eternal Flame” visit. A walk along the promenade with the Cliff visit. A walk through the City ponds.
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Honey Tour
Acquainting conversation about beekeeping. Then tourists change clothes in a uniform, in which they are protected from bee bite. Demonstration of a honey-bee colony life in beehive.
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"Амурские столбы - чудо Хабаровского края"
Амурские столбы – причудливые каменные останцы, возвышающиеся на левом берегу, в нижнем течении реки Амур. Живописные столбы высотой от 12 до 70 метров имеют статус памятника природы краевого значения. Они стоят на нескольких склонах и вершине одного из отрогов хребта Чаятын – сопки, которая поднимается на высоту 885,8 м. Амурские столбы привлекают путешественников красивыми легендами и необычной формой. От них открывается превосходный вид на долину Амура и бескрайние просторы Хабаровской тайги. Многие останцы имеют собственные имена – Собака, Корона, Белая церковь, Китайская стена, Чаша и Шаман-камень.
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В гостях у сказки - горное озеро Большой Сулук
Большой Сулук — огромное реликтовое озеро, затерянное среди гор на высоте 1330 метров. На его берегу стоит уютный домик. Каждого гостя этого дикого места ждут рыбалка, прогулки на катамаране и полноценный отдых. Красивое небо, чистая вода, горный воздух — сказка, которая реальна.