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Fishing and rafting in Anyuisky National Park

Tours name Fishing and rafting in Anyuisky National Park
Tours Fishing, adventure, eco-tourism
Expected clientele Men and women over 18, corporate clients, VIPs and foreign citizens
Season April – October
Duration Period of stay min 3 days/2 nights
Max 10 days/9 nights
Settlements on the route Khabarovsk city
Mayak settl.
Arsenyevo settl.
Daily tour program Day 1 
Arrival at the check-point of Bogbasu (border of Anyuisky National Park). Travel begins with rest, fishing, excursions to the relict yew trees, the animal tracks. Rafting down the river, fishing in the Anyui river. Arrival at Nilo recreation ground (30 km off Arsenyevo settl. up the river). Bath. Fisherman’s dinner

Day 2 
Breakfast. Fishing for lenok (Siberian salmonid fish), grayling, and taimen (hucho). Lunch at the riverside (exclusive cuisine). Bath. Dinner

Day 3 
Breakfast. Departure from Nilo facility. Travel back with intermediary stopovers for fishing and photo sessions. Arrival at Bogbasu base camp. Back to Khabarovsk by motor vehicles
The cost includes
  • accommodation at the tourist camp, bath, linen, bath towels and bunches of twigs for Russian bath;
  • cooking the fish from the catch all throughout the tour;
  • tourist gear (tables, tourist chairs, sharaban for smoking fish, a comfortable summer kitchen with a mosquito net) for the entire travel on the river; 
  • excursions to the relict yew trees;
  • a motor boat and a guide;
  • guide;
  • kitchenware;
  • a guarded parking lot at Bogbasu base
Extra pay
  • paid permit for staying in Anyuisky National Park;
  • an extra day (accommodation, catering and all services);
  • a personal cook, a separate menu, exclusive foodstuffs upon request;
  • meeting at the airport, booking a hotel, interpreter services
Description On the tour every tourist will visit the unique spots of the Far Eastern taiga where nature is totally virgin, follow animal tracks, and take part in fishing for Siberian salmonid fish (lenok), grayling and taimen (hucho). Excellent scenery, excellent fishing and a lot of positive emotions will distract you from the hustle and bustle of the city so the wildlife will cheer you up


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