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Maya River

Tours name Maya River
Tour Adventure, fishing, eco-tourism
Expected clientele No age restriction. Children attended by legal representatives
Season May- October
Duration 7 days/6 nights
Settlements on the route Khabarovsk city, Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Briakan settl.
Daily tour program

Day 1
Get-together, departure for the helicopter pad in Briakan settlement

Day 2
Flyout to the Maya river (the Tuguro-Chumikansky municipal rayon). Accommodation in the tent camp, start fishing

Day 3 – Day 5 
Active part, sightseeing, fishing, rest.

Day 6
Flying back to Briakan settl.

Day 7
Departure for Khabarovsk by bus, end of the route

The cost includes
  • first aid kit, a basic set;
  • three meals daily, a cook;
  • helicopter over to the Maya river and back;
  • transfer by bus Khabarovsk city – Briakan settl. – Khabarovsk;
  • satellite telecommunication (in emergency);
  • providing major and group equipment;
  • qualified instructors;
  • protection from wild animals;
  • individual safety gear (a life jacket, hauling wire)
Extra pay
  • emergency insurance;
  • rental of personal tourist gear (a sleeping bag, suit, fishing gear);
  • helicopter rental from Khabarovsk;
  • singer services
DescriptionDescription If you are sentimental and your soul demands a fascinating travel the beautiful Maya river is the right choice from all the Far Eastern rivers. It was described by the famous writer and geodetic professional Grigory Fedoseev in his novel “I Am Not Going to Die Soon”. The Maya river is carrying its waters from the Upper Stanovoy Range through canyons and gorges.    Contrary to its elder sister, the calm boggy Uda river, the Maya is very fast and engaging for rafting. There are many relatively shallow spots with rocks over and under the water and a fast flow as well as powerful discharge from rocks or steps in the river bed, with standing waves, that adds to excitement. Waterfalls go down the gorges and ice does not melt in the deep valleys till mid-summer.   Contrary to the Uda where chum salmon shoals come for spawning, the Maya is not a spawning river and is of no interest for local poachers. Considering its low accessibility and remoteness from settlements the Maya river has kept intact its virgin nature and is practically not visited by people.   There is good fishing on the river. Of fishing interest is lenok (Siberian salmonid fish and taimen (hucho).


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Contact information

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