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In the footsteps of the Tiger

Type of tourism: eco-tourism, cultural and educational; the intended target audience: for all the categories of citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens; season: August – March; tour duration: 8 days/7 nights; populated areas on the route: Khabarovsk, Lazo municipal district, Durminsky rural settlement, Durmin village.


Day 1 – Meeting at the Khabarovsk international airport. Transfer and accommodation in the “Intourist” hotel. Sightseeing walking tour in the central historical part of the city.

Day 2 – Transfer to the “Durminsky” hunting establishment. Lunch at the site of the “Durminsky” hunting establishment. Accommodation. Visiting the visitor center of the “Durminsky” hunting establishment: getting acquainted with the habits and the way of living of the Amur tiger, with the ecological protection program, safety training during the tour. Observation of the nearest tiger tracks showing the trail cameras. True Russian baths.

Day 3-4 – Tour around the hunting establishment territory stopping near the fresh tiger traces, tracking the tiger with a guide, installation the trail cameras on the tiger traces and in the marked places. Evening trip around the territory of the hunting establishment with the opportunity to see its inhabitants: the Far Eastern red deer, roe deer, wild boars, small mammals.

Day 5 – Trip to Gvasugi village: getting acquainted with the Udegei way of life, with their traditions and the attitude to tigers, visiting the museum of Udegei culture, the performance of ethnic groups. Daily trip around the territory of the hunting establishment tracking the tigers. 

Day 6 – A full day tour to the “Cliff (Utes)” Wildlife rehabilitation center with lunch included: meeting with the center’s staff, visiting the rehabilitation center, lecture on the activities of the center. Daily tour around the territory of the hunting establishment tracking the tigers. Night picnic by the fire in the taiga. Visiting the baths.

Day 7 – 8 – Breakfast. Transfer to the “Intourist” hotel. Leisure time.

The cost includes: accommodation in the hunter’s lodges on the site, baths, three-time meals daily, transport services, guides, video- and photography with the use of trail cameras.

The Far Eastern taiga is rich with its unique flora and fauna resources. Among the representatives of the fauna, the black bear and, of course, the Amur tiger listed in the Red Book occupy a special place. The route to the territory of “Durminsky Forest Hunting Reserve” LLC will give you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge about the Amur tiger: you will take part in the conversation about the habits and the way of life of the Amur tiger in the visitor center, and you will get acquainted with its protection ecological program. After having refreshed your knowledge, strike out boldly to the tiger traces passing which you will be able to feel an incredible adrenaline rush, as the hiking trip takes place in the wild virgin conditions that were created by nature itself. Do not be surprised if you see fresh traces not looking like human on your way back moving through the previously passed paths. These traces can belong to either hoofed inhabitants of the Far Eastern nature, particularly to the Far Eastern red deer, roe deer, wild boars, or to the bigger wild animals – bears or tigers. Highly experienced jaegers are in charge of the safety on the route.

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ООО "Дурминское лесоохотничье хозяйство"
ООО Туристическая фирма "Спартак – Тур"

Contact information

Tour operator “Spartak – Tour” LLC, 680000 Khabarovsk, Dikopoltseva Street, 19 off. 3, 8(4212) 28 99 56,, “Durminsky Forest Hunting Reserve” LLC, Batalov Alexander Sergeevich (di-rector of the forest hunting reserve), +7(914) 428 66 39