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Nikolaevsk – the first city on the Amur

Type of tourism: educational (guided tour); the intended target audience: foreign tourists (Japanese, Chinese); children's groups (school-age); tourists travelling along the route of the Eastern Ring of Russia; season: June-September; tour duration: 3 days/2 nights; populated areas on the route: Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Chnyrrakh village, Innokentevka village.



10:00   Flight check-in.

12:00    Departure from Khabarovsk.

13:50    Arrival in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

14:00    Meeting. Bus board. Transfer to the hotel.

14:15    Check-in to the “Sever” hotel/ “Tip-Top” hostel.

14:30    Lunch.

15:00 City sightseeing guided tour with the main places of interest and the bus exits. The tourists will get acquainted with the history of the Far East development and during the tour will see the admiralty anchor (king anchor), the largest seabed anchor in Russia; the only stone temple throughout the north of Khabarovsky Kray – St. Nicholas Temple (2002); will walk through the city park, a memorial area of the city and will get acquainted with the local monuments, which tell about the historical events of different periods of time. And, of course, there will be time to admire the stunning views of the Amur during the Svidery visit (ski base “Start”).

For Japanese tourists: the tour guide will tell about the historical relationship between Nikolaevsk and Japan in the middle of the XIX – early XX century. The diplomatic mission of Putyatin to Japan, the first Russian-Japanese treaty, the schooner Heda. They will find out about the head and activities of the Japanese consulate, which was destroyed in 1920 during the Civil war, will visit its site and can see the preserved sign of the Consulate.

The story of the Japanese diaspora: entrepreneurs of Shimada, Nagano, Kawaguchi and Japanese fishermen in Nikolaevsk.

Optional: the former Japanese cemetery (currently abandoned). On the territory of the Nikolaevsk region there was camp No. 21 of Japanese prisoners of war in 1945-1947. There were 5512 Japanese prisoners of war in the camp. The cemetery is located in two miles from the city outskirts, on the hill; a forest road leads to the cemetery, which you can pass only on foot.

For Chinese tourists: the tour guide will tell about the historical relationship between Nikolaevsk and China in the middle of the XIX – early XX century. About the Chinese diaspora, the largest diaspora of foreign ones, about the Chinese village outside the city and about the Chinese entrepreneurs of the XIX-XX centuries. They will find out about the head and activities of the Chinese consulate (early XX century).

16:30 Sightseeing guided tour through the halls of the Local Lore Museum named after V. E. Rozov.

17:30 Visit the hall “illusion”, “modern” to view a short film about the history of Nikolaevsk (at the museum building).

17:45 The Cultural Center of Small-numbered Peoples of the North, with the interactive complex in the open air “Nivkhskaya usadba” visit. Workshop on fish skin (For children – «Traditional drawings on ancient stones»).

18:30 Transfer. Dinner.

19:30 Walk along the Central Square with a musical fountain. Leisure time.

Day 2

09:00    Breakfast.

09:30    Travel to Chnyrrakh village (15 km, travel time: 25-30 minutes). Visit the Command post, Chnyrrahskaja Fortress, permanent fire positions. (Tourists need comfortable shoes.)

13:00    Lunch.

14:00    Departure by bus to Innokentevka village (39 km, travel time: 55-60 minutes. For an extra fee tourists have the opportunity to get to the village through water on speed boats).

15:00    Guided tour on the fish-processing combine “Vostochnoye”.

16:00    Ethnical tour with immersion in the people’s culture and life, constituting the indigenous communities of these places – nivkhs. The event is accompanied by sports, dancing women, master class, fish splitting, and different dishes of national cuisine.

19:00    Return to the city.

20:00    Dinner. Leisure time.

Day 3

07:00    Breakfast.

07:30    Vacate rooms. Group gathering. Transfer to the airport.

08:00    Flight check-in.

09:00    Departure from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

10:50    Arrival in Khabarovsk.

The cost includes: accommodation, three-time meals, transfer and bus services according to the itinerary, guide, guided tours and admission tickets.


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