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Tracking the Tiger

Tours name Tracking the Tiger
Tour Eco- , cultural and educational tourism
Expected clientele For all Russian Federation population groups and foreign citizens
Season August – March
Duration 8 days/7 nights
Settlements on the route Khabarovsk city, the municipal rayon after Lazo, Durminskoye rural settlement, Durmin village
Daily tour program Day 1 
Meeting at the international airport of Khabarovsk. Transfer and accommodation at Intourist Hotel. A walking tour of Khabarovsk central historic part.

Day 2 
Transfer to the Durminskoye forest reserve. Lunch at the base camp of Durminskoye Forest Management Unit. Accommodation. Seeing the Visiting center of Durminskoye Forest Management Unit: an introductory talk on the Amur tiger habits and way of life, acquaintance with its ecology and protection program, instruction on safety measures during the tour. Departure to the nearest tiger tracks and demonstration of the camera traps there. Authentic Russian bath

Day 3 - 4 
Excursion over the reserve area with stopovers at fresh tiger footprints, tracking the tiger under the guide’s surveillance, setting camera traps on tiger tracks and at the spots the tiger has been marking as its territory. Evening tour of the unit’s area so as to see the animals: Far Eastern red deer, roe, wild boar, small mammals. 

Day 5 
Excursion to Gvasyugi settlement: acquaintance with the life and customs of Udegeis, their traditions and attitude to tiger, visit to the museum of the Udegei culture, a concert of indigenous groups. Daily car tours over the unit’s area and tracking the tiger.

Day 6 
A day excursion to Utyos Center for rehabilitation of wild animals, lunch there, meeting the staff of the Center, excursion over the Center for rehabilitation, a talk on the Center’s activity. Daily car tours over the unit’s area and tracking the tiger.  A night picnic in the taiga at the fireplace. Russian bath.

Day 7 – 8
Breakfast. Transfer to Intourist Hotel. Free time.
The cost includes
  • accommodation in log cabins of the base camp, bath;
  • three meals daily;
  • transportation;
  • guides;
  • video and camera trap shots
Extra pay
  • excursion to Gvasyugi settlement with an indigenous concert there;
  • trip to Utyos Center for rehabilitation of wild animals
Description The Far Eastern taiga is rich in unique flora and fauna. The white-chested bear is especially prominent and certainly the Amur tiger of Red Book. The tour of Durminskoye Forest Management Unit LLC area will update your knowledge of the Amur tiger: you will be offered a talk in the Visiting Center on the tiger’s habits and way of life, and the program of its ecology and protection. Having learnt new things, one can safely go to tiger tracks so exciting, as the tour takes place in the wild, in the virgin environment of Nature. No wonder coming back to the tracks seen earlier you may spot new footprints different from human ones. This can be both Far Eastern hoofed animals, i.e. Far Eastern red deer, roe, wild boar and some larger animals like bear and tiger. Game keepers with years-long experience are responsible for your safety     


ООО "Дурминское лесоохотничье хозяйство"
ООО Туристическая фирма "Спартак – Тур"

Contact information

Spartak-Tour Co., Ltd. Off.3 #19 Dikopoltsev St. Khabarovsk 680 000 Russia 8(4212) 28 99 56, Durminskoye Forest Management Unit LLC Aleksandr Sergeevich Batalov (director) +7(914) 428 66 39